November 21, 2017

<Naver UUPA> School of ECE and Naver jointly are seeking UG students who are intensively performing research or development on computing topics to present the NAVER UNIST UG Poster Awards! Therefore, we would like you all to apply for it by Nov. 24th and show your achievement poster to obtain this great benefit. Please refer to the attached file

Article Title: New families of optimal variable-weight optical orthogonal codes with high weights  Pub Date: 2015.08  Journal Title: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY  Authors: Jin-Ho Chung (UNIST), Kyeongcheol Yang (POSTECH)    Optical orthogonal codes (OOCs) have been widely used as spreading codes in communication systems employing unipolar transmission. They are classified into constant-weight OOCs (CW-OOCs) and


February 15, 2015

Welcome to the CSE track homepage. The CSE track at UNIST has been accepting both undergraduate and post-graduate students since 2009 when UNIST was open. Currently about 20% of freshman students entering UNIST engineering division choose the CSE track as their first or second major, about half of them being the first major. The CSE