Students Seo-young Park, Seung-chan Kim, and Jae-hwi Cho selected for NAVER-COOP Program.

Activities January 4, 2021

The students Seo-young Park (3rd year, CSE), Seung-chan Kim (3rd year, CSE), and Jae-hwi Cho (4th year, CSE) have been selected for NAVER-COOP Program. “COOP” is a program in which third and fourth year students gain on-site experience at an outstanding company for six months (or a full year if the student chooses). Before the long-term field training, students take part in a pre-training program with one-on-one attention on campus for two months. For the NAVER-COOP program, only 17 students were selected from college students across the country, and Park Seoyoung, Kim Seungchan, and Cho Jae-hwi from UNIST have been finally selected.

3rd year student Park Seo-young is planning to use Pinpoint (NAVER’s application performance management tool) to develop experimental functions at Platform Labs, and will conduct pre-training at Prof. Woongki Baek’s Intelligent System Software Lab ( for two months.

In the Global Music Lab, 3rd year student Kim Seung-chan plans to perform a preliminary study of Apple silicon, which will help to apply Apple silicon to the VIBE service, after having done pre-training at Professor Sungahn Ko’s ivader Lab ( for two months.

4th year student Jae-Hwi Cho is also planning to perform meta-mappings for the sound source in the same Global Music Lab, and to have pre-training in the Vision and Learning Lab ( of Professor Seungryul Baek for two months.

In the future, the COOP program will continue selecting and supporting students twice a year to send the students to outstanding companies.